I am receiving false LoJack Early Warning calls, how can I address the issue?
A common cause of false LoJack Early Warning calls is a low battery in your Key Pass. The battery required for your Key Pass is a Lithium watch battery, size 2032. This battery may be purchased at many general retail outlets. To replace the battery:

  • Open the Key Pass by inserting a dime or penny into the indentation on the side of the pass and twisting gently. You may need to unscrew the Key Pass first depending on what model you have.
  • Slide the old battery out using a non-metal object or using your fingers
  • Insert the new battery ensuring that the plus sign is facing upward
  • The LED light on the opposite side should rapidly flash 6-8 times, indicating that power is sufficient for operation
  • Once the battery is replaced, drive your vehicle with the Key Pass for at least 5 minutes to reset the system
  • If you continue to receive calls, you may need to listen to the full message so that the system registers successful delivery of the message

Click here for more detailed instruction on how to change the battery in the LoJack Early Warning® Key Pass for your vehicle.

Click here for more detailed instruction on how to change the battery in the LoJack Early Warning® Key Pass for your motorcycle.

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How can I make LoJack Early Warning alert calls stop?
If you receive alert messages, please listen to the entire message before hanging up. By doing this, the system will register the message as successfully delivered and should stop sending alerts.

If you wish to discontinue the alerts immediately, you may remove the batteries from your Key Passes and wait for a period of 8 hours. After 8 hours the system will go into sleep mode and alerts will be terminated.

If you continue to experience alerts and have listened to the full message, and have also replaced the batteries in your Key Passes, please contact Customer Service for troubleshooting and resolution.

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My car is not starting, I think it's the LoJack System
The LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery unit does not affect a vehicle’s ability to start. If the engine cranks but does not start, the problem may be mechanical in nature. You may also be experiencing a low car battery.

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Where can I find more information about ordering another Key Pass?
In the owner's guide you received with your Early Warning System, you will find a Key Pass order form on the inside of the back cover.

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How do I know if my Key Passes are working?
Your Key Passes were tested at the time of installation. Riding without your Key Pass should result in an Early Warning notification. If your battery runs low the LED light on your Key Pass will flash indicating replacement is required.

IMPORTANT: If your system has not been working because you are waiting for a replacement Key Pass, you will need to re-introduce the Key Pass to the system. Upon inserting the battery in your new Key Pass, the LED will flash rapidly. Drive your vehicle with the Key Pass for 5 minutes or more to initialize the Key Pass to the system.

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What is the price of a replacement Key Pass?
All replacement Key Passes are $69.95 with a minimal charge for shipping and handling.

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How many Key Passes come with my LoJack Early Warning System?
The LoJack Early Warning Recovery System for your automobile includes the LoJack® System, an Early Warning motion sensor and two uniquely coded Early Warning Key Passes. If you are a Motorcycle owner, you will receive one rugged Key Pass designed for rugged riding environments.

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Do all Key Passes use the same batteries?
Yes. All Key Passes require a Lithium watch battery (#CR-2032), available at most retail stores.

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What kind of maintenance is recommended for the LoJack Early Warning Key Pass?
To ensure optimum performance, the batteries in the Early Warning Key Passes should be changed every 6 months to 1 year depending on the model. To avoid damage, the automobile Key Pass should not be exposed to water or dropped. However, the motorcycle Key Pass is designed for harsh environments and can withstand wet weather conditions.

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How do I replace the battery?
Please click on the link below for your Key Pass for battery replacement guide.

  1. Automobile/Truck/SUV Key Pass Replacement PDF
  2. Motorcycle Key Pass Replacement PDF

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