Powering the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery Unit

LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery units (“LoJack unit(s)”) contain lithium primary (non-rechargeable) batteries. A battery’s useful service life can vary but is generally expected to be a minimum of five (5) years and up to ten (10) years, depending upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to, environmental factors, such as severe heat or cold conditions, long periods of vehicle storage, vehicle damage in accidents that may harm the LoJack unit, and frequency of usage.  For more information, see the Recommended and Required Maintenance Sections in this Owner’s Manual. 

Installation, Inspection and Servicing of LoJack Units

LoJack units must only be installed, serviced or inspected by LoJack technicians or authorized third-parties trained by LoJack.  Upon the completion of installation or servicing, the technician tests the LoJack unit to ensure it is functioning properly.  Under no circumstances should you or any unauthorized third party open or tamper with the LoJack unit; doing so will void your warranty.  Always contact LoJack to arrange for an inspection or servicing of your LoJack unit.

Recommended Maintenance

Although the LoJack unit is designed to withstand normal wear and tear, its life expectancy and performance may vary depending upon several factors including, but not limited to, long periods of vehicle storage, vehicle damage in accidents, environmental factors, and the service life of the batteries contained within the LoJack unit. 
LoJack recommends that you have your LoJack unit inspected every two (2) years to verify it is functioning properly.  LoJack also recommends that you have the LoJack unit inspected if any of the following occur:
(a) the vehicle was stolen and reported stolen in a LoJack coverage area and it is recovered*;
(b) the vehicle was in an accident or suffered physical damage;
(c) the vehicle experienced battery or electrical problems;
(d) the vehicle has not been operated for more than a month;
(e) other aftermarket accessories or electrical equipment (e.g., radios, built-in radar detectors, DVD players or other audio/video devices) were installed after installation of the LoJack unit. 
If you have any question as to whether your LoJack unit should be inspected, please contact LoJack 1-800-4LoJack. 


*Required Maintenance

If your vehicle is stolen and reported stolen in a LoJack coverage area and is recovered, the batteries may be depleted by use of the LoJack unit in tracking and locating the stolen vehicle. If the LoJack unit is still under warranty at the time of the activation event, LoJack requires that you have the LoJack unit inspected within the warranty term to maintain warranty coverage. 
The cost of the inspection, except for inspections within the warranty period due to Required Maintenance, is $99**.  Please note that any additional costs for repairs or replacement components are not included in the inspection cost.  You can schedule inspections by calling 1-800-4-LOJACK (1-800-456-5225).
**The inspection cost is subject to change without notice. 

An estimated 10,000 vehicles equipped with the LoJack® System are recovered each year in the US.

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