A survey commissioned by both LoJack Corporation and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) shows that while Americans are exercising some common sense theft prevention measures, many have habits that leave them extremely vulnerable to thieves.

The Good News:

  • 79% always lock their vehicle
  • 93% don’t hide a spare key in or on their vehicle
  • 82% have an alarm

The Bad News:

  • 47% don’t park in a well-lit area and 38% don’t hide valuables
  • Many put themselves at risk for identity theft (48% have left mail in their vehicle, 26% have left a wallet or purse, 28% have left bank statements)
  • Many do not have a stolen vehicle recovery system

While theft deterrents can ward off amateur thieves, the professional thief knows how to disengage all of them, including alarms, clubs, smart keys, kill switches, etc.

Vehicle owners should have a recovery system that can help get their car back if it is ever stolen. The covert, radio-frequency-based LoJack Stolen® Vehicle Recovery System is directly integrated into law enforcement agencies, who use Police Tracking Computers—provided by LoJack Corporation at not charge—to track and recover stolen vehicles. LoJack has over 26 years of experience, and a 90% recovery success rate on cars and trucks.

Source: Street Smarts, LoJack and NICB Survey Data, 2008