LoJack Corporation Reveals the Top Five Motorcycle Theft Recovery Stories of the Year

CANTON, MA – DECEMBER 20, 2012 – LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN) today revealed its top five stolen motorcycle recovery stories of 2012.  From tracking down a Harley wrapped in aluminum foil—really!—to finding stolen bikes hidden inside stolen vans to apprehending well know motorcycle thieves, these stories demonstrate how the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System continues to be the most effective system today for protecting bikes from the clever – and not so clever – tactics of today’s bike thieves.

Top Motorcycle Recoveries of 2012:

#1: Thieves Fail to “Foil” LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

This story shows how difficult it is to foil the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.  The owner of a Harley awoke one morning to find that his bike had been stolen from his apartment complex. Within minutes after the system was activated, the silent LoJack signal led police to a garage attached to a nearby residence. When officers searched the garage, they found the bike with major components wrapped in—of all things—aluminum foil!  This was the thieves’ misguided attempt to render LoJack’s tracking capabilities ineffective.  What they didn’t realize is that LoJack’s Radio Frequency technology can track vehicles even if they are hidden in shipping containers, concrete garages…or covered with aluminum foil! Two suspects were arrested, and the bike was returned to its owner.

#2: LoJack System Helps Bronx DA Office Recover Five Stolen Bikes from Valet Garage

You know it’s a bad day, when you get a notification that your bike is missing.  That’s exactly what happened to the owner of a 2011 Suzuki GSX-R1000 when its LoJack Early Warning System alerted him to the theft. Just an hour after system was activated, detectives tracked down the bike to a 24-hour commercial valet parking garage located in the Bronx. There, detectives interviewed the parking attendant who said the stolen Suzuki arrived several hours earlier along with a second motorcycle. After searching the garage, police found four additional stolen bikes, all thanks to the police and the LoJack System.

#3: BMW Motorcycle Found Inside Stolen Van Within Minutes of System Activation

The theme of this recovery story is that thieves may be able to run, but they can’t hide from the LoJack System.  After the owner of a BMW S1000RR received a theft alert from his bike’s LoJack Early Warning System, he reported the theft to police who, within minutes, began receiving the tracking signal.  They found the bike concealed inside a Dodge Caravan that had been stolen earlier in the year from Fairfax, Virginia.

#4: LoJack System Leads Police to Chop Shop with Stolen Bikes, Weapons and More

Bikes, weapons and bullets, oh my!  In this recovery story, the owner of a Suzuki motorcycle discovered that his bike had been stolen from right in front of his house. After he reported the theft, Ridgefield Park, NJ police officers were quickly on the trail with their LoJack Police Tracking Computers, which led them to a residence where they witnessed two people riding the bike. When they searched the property, police discovered a chop shop with three additional stolen bikes, plus guns and ammunition. Two people were arrested on outstanding criminal arrest warrants.

#5: Police Arrest Well-Known Motorcycle Thief in Dallas

As the saying goes, “You can run, but you cannot hide.”  In this recovery, the thief could not even run.  Not long after a 2009 Kawasaki ZX10 motorcycle, which was equipped with a LoJack System, was reported stolen in Plano, TX, a Dallas police helicopter picked up the silent LoJack signal emanating from the bike.  Flight officers quickly tracked and located the bike with a suspect riding it.  The suspect foolishly tried to outdistance the helicopter, but was unsuccessful. The suspect then attempted to flee from ground units that had come onto the scene, but the bike stalled and he was quickly apprehended.  Police discovered he was a well-known motorcycle thief who just had been released from prison. 

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