April is National Autism Awareness Month


Westwood, MA - March 25, 2010 - In recognition that April is National Autism Awareness Month and to address a top concern among parents about wandering or “bolting,” LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN) today launched SafetyNetSource, its new information and resource center. SafetyNetSource (www.safetynetsource.com) offers a variety of valuable resources for caregivers of those with autism or Alzheimer’s, compelling content from across the web, access to the SafetyNetSource Twitter feed and YouTube channel, as well as a Facebook page to help caregivers communicate with one another and engage in a community of support.

The effort is part of LoJack’s initiative to educate people on issues related to autism and Alzheimer’s disease. To help protect people with these conditions, LoJack offers a service called LoJack SafetyNet that enables police and other public safety agencies to search for and rescue people at risk of wandering. 

“A key part of our mission at LoJack is to provide valuable solutions and resources that offer peace of mind for caregivers of people with autism and Alzheimer’s,” said John Paul Marosy, General Manager, LoJack SafetyNet.  “That’s why we developed SafetyNetSource – to create a destination with new tools and information that help parents protect those they love from the dangers of wandering and enables caregivers to connect with one another.” 

“My seven-year-old son wandered off once and I’ve never felt such desperation; it was terrifying,” said Madeline Gonzalez, mother of a child with autism.  “But now that he’s protected with LoJack SafetyNet, I’m at peace knowing that if he goes missing, he can be found.  We can go more places; do more things.  LoJack SafetyNet doesn’t replace my responsibility as a parent, but it gives me comfort knowing he can be rescued.  And now LoJackSafeyNetSource is providing us with resources that are both helpful and engaging.  It’s a great help for my whole family.”

Among the new resources for caregivers available on SafetyNetSource are the following: 

LoJack SafetyNet Service: Protecting and Helping Rescue People Who Wander
The LoJack SafetyNet Service has several components: A Personal Locator Bracelet typically worn on the wrist or ankle by the client; 24x7 emergency caregiver support; a database of key information about the clients to assist in search and rescue; Search and Rescue receivers for law enforcement and other public safety agencies; and in-depth training, certification and ongoing support for participating law enforcement and public safety agencies.   

The bracelet constantly emits a Radio Frequency (RF) signal, which can be tracked regardless of where the person has wandered—even into a densely wooded area, a marsh, a concrete structure such as a garage, or a building constructed with steel.  The RF signal emitting from the bracelet enables specially trained and certified law enforcement and other public safety agencies to pinpoint the precise location of the missing person using their handheld, portable Search and Rescue receivers.  The receivers can actually detect the RF signal from the bracelet within a range of approximately one mile in on-the-ground searches and 5-7 miles in searches by helicopter. 

The LoJack SafetyNet database, a critical component of the solution, includes key information that provides insight as to where the person might have wandered if he/she goes missing, and provides searchers with a recent photo and other pertinent information. LoJack’s caregiver support organization is available by phone and e-mail and is accessible 24/7 for emergencies. In addition, LoJack’s team of law enforcement liaisons support police and public safety agencies in the use of LoJack SafetyNet system.

For more information about the service, call (877) 4-FINDTHEM (877-434-6384), or visit www.lojacksafetynet.com.

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