LoJack SCI (SC-integrity, Inc.) is a majority-owned LoJack subsidiary that offers products and services to provide supply chain optimization for asset & cargo tracking, monitoring and recovery.  Utilizing wireless communication, LoJack® SCI™ offers a complete, real-time supply chain management solution to maximize the security of your cargo and assets on the road, rail, air, and ocean. LoJack SCI combines the power of LoJack’s tracking and recovery technology with comprehensive monitoring and protection services to deliver the most reliable supply chain solution on the market.
LoJack SCI’s web-based platform, InTransit, delivers visibility and real-time tracking information to your laptop, tablet or cell phone.  Track your cargo and assets, receive real-time alerts on sensor and environmental conditions of your cargo, know when your cargo has been securely delivered…InTransit offers real-time business intelligence and analytics in a convenient, easy-to-use, and accessible interface. 
In the event of theft or loss, LoJack SCI’s 24/7 team of recovery experts, working with LoJack’s Law Enforcement network, will work expeditiously to recover your assets and cargo.
Complete Supply Chain Protection and Efficiency Solutions:
•Total Chain of Custody Control
•24/7/365 Remote Monitoring and Support
•Intermodal and Industry Specific Solutions
•Real-time cargo and asset tracking
•Facilities and stationary monitoring
•Supply chain protection, risk mitigation and carrier compliance
•Automated notifications of events in the supply chain
•Compliance and Regulatory Solutions
•Law Enforcement Dispatch and Recovery
•Membership to the only federally sanctioned Supply Chain Information and Analysis Center (SC -ISAC)
Let LoJack SCI help you establish security solutions and protocols specific to your business needs.
Visit our website at www.lojacksci.com to review our case studies and industry solutions, or contact us today at 214.377.0222 or info@lojacksci.com.

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  • To learn more about LoJack SCI’s Supply Chain Solutions, call 214.377.0222 or e-mail info@lojacksci.com