Improve Driver Safety

Improve Driver Safety
Active Driver Feedback on the TomTom PRO can prompt your drivers to stay safe and fuel efficient behind the wheel. Additional safety features warn your drivers of restrictions and dead ends. A large screen and new user interface with a touch screen allows for easy zooming and scrolling so your drivers can focus on the road, and text-to-speech functionality minimizes driver distraction.

Safety and Efficiency Reporting With LoJack Fleet Management

Accessible from laptops, tablets or smartphones, the TomTom WEBFLEET™ online portal helps you to guide your drivers to improve their driving style. The TomTom OptiDrive™ indicator shows how safe and efficient your drivers are on the road. You can analyze the safety and efficiency of each of your drivers using clearly structured PDF reports. You can also download CSV files that you can use in spreadsheet programs for advanced processing.

Safety and Efficiency Reporting With LoJack Fleet Management

The Bottom Line
Prompt your drivers to stay safe with both Active Driver Feedback and the online portal. These easy-to-use technologies warn about restrictions, improve driving style, and boost efficiency.



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