LoJack Fleet Management powered by TomTom can save your company time and money by streamlining your back-end office, while making your fleet more efficient; saving fuel, delivering better customer service, and increasing overall productivity like in ways that other fleet management solutions can’t.

Below are a few questions to understand your business and help us generate a custom savings calculator for a service or delivery fleet.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following questions (select one):
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My fleet drives through traffic on a regular basis  
My fleet goes to new locations everyday  
Fuel usage is large and I would like to reduce it for my fleet  
I am interested in reducing my carbon footprint  
I would like to improve my customer service via better fleet operations  
We have a lot of paperwork and reporting related to our fleet that we would like to simplify  
I would like to improve employee retention  
Please answer some questions about your fleet:
On average, how many miles does the typical vehicle drive per month?  
How many vehicles in your Fleet?  
What is the average price your pay for fuel, in dollars per gallon?  
What is the average fuel efficiency for your fleet, in miles per gallon?  
What is the average wage for your fleet workers, in dollars per hour?  
On average, how many workers work in each vehicle?  
What is the average wage for your Fleet Manager/Fleet administrator, in dollars per hour?  
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