Bike theft is serious business, but there are many options to protect motorcycles from theft.

At LoJack Corporation, we recommend a simple three-step approach to theft protection, which involves using common sense tactics, theft deterrents, and a stolen vehicle recovery solution. The more layers you use, the more your bike is protected. Common sense tactics and theft deterrents will ward off many amateur thieves. Add a LoJack® stolen vehicle recovery system to this, and you will have the ability to protect your bike from the professionals.

Step 1: Use Common Sense Measures

  • When at home, always keep your bike concealed in a garage or storage area. It is a simple case of keeping your bike out of thieves’ sight
  • Place large items/obstacles between your motorcycle and the garage door
  • Cover any windows
  • Never leave your keys in your bike
  • When out, choose parking spaces wisely:
    • Park in a well-lit area
    • Don’t park between vehicles because it provides cover for thieves
    • Look for a parking spot in view of a security camera
    • Always lock your bike’s ignition and forks when not riding
  • When selling your bike, be wary of test rides; some thieves actually pose as buyers and will take your bike for a "test ride" and never return.

Step 2: Use Theft Prevention Products

  • Properly use a bike lock
  • Lock two bikes together, if possible
  • Make sure the lock is tight; extra slack means the thief can cut or chisel off the lock
  • Lock your bike to a secure, immovable object. Thieves can lift bikes into trucks or vans
  • Loop the chain through the bike frame
  • Install an alarm, perhaps even one with a pager
  • Install a hidden kill switch

Step 3: Use a Tracking and Recovery System, like a LoJack® System

  • Install a LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System to give you the peace of mind that you stand a better chance of getting your bike back if it’s stolen. LoJack is the only Stolen Vehicle Recovery System directly integrated with law enforcement, is covert, and uses Radio Frequency technology--proven to be optimal for recovering stolen vehicles.